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La Petite Mort

Audrey grew up in a discordant family. Years of quarrels between her parents and their negligence caused Audrey to devote herself to watching every romance film on TV. "Audrey" is a name she gave herself because Audrey Hepburn is her favorite. And when Audrey finally thought that she had encountered true love, she found that she had confused reality and fantasy.


I first had the idea for this film when I was watching a Mexican Cinema film called, “Enamorada”. This film features beautiful guitar music and a cliche love story. But somehow it clicked. It inspired me to write a story with a protagonist so obsessed with love stories on the big screen that it impacts and changes her life.
A cinephile as I am, movies play a vital part in building up my life philosophy and creating unrealistic high standards for meeting the love of my life. So in some aspects, I did draw a little inspiration from myself. This film is called, “La Petite Mort” And it’s quite literal in the sense that It’s a story about movies, love, and people who love and believes in the movie just a bit too much.

Nicole Hanzi Zhou

主演 Lead Cast:  何经纬 Jing Wei He  杨凡 Fan Yang

制片人 Producers: 冯禹天 Yutian Feng  周涵梓 Nicole Hanzi Zhou

摄影指导 Director of Photography: 文一帆 Yifan Wen

美术指导 Production Design and Costume: 程丝语 Claire Cheng

剪辑 Editor: 韩啸 Xiao Han

调色 Colorist: Emanuele Michetti

执行导演 First Assistant Director: 苏梓豪 Zihao Su

执行制片 Line Producer: 周玲娜Linna Zhou

混音指导 Sound Designer: 郑中杰 Justin Zheng

原创音乐 Original Score: Haibei Wang

海报 Poster Designed by: Mia Zhang

Art Assistant: Hauton Xu

First Assistant Camera: Biao Xiong

Second Assistant Camera: Jizhu Wu

Gaffer: Zhihao Zhang

Best Boy Electric: Biao Yin

Key Grip: Rujie Zhao

Best Boy Grip: Yan Li

On Set Sound Mixer: Aiyue Li

Sound Editor: Nicole Zhou

Script Supervisor: Jasmine Ding

Hair and Makeup: Yao Yao

Caterer: Ling Zhou

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